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Discover the Magic of NFC with Contactless Payments

We’re living in the future of technology – although the year 2020 doesn’t include space cars or teleportation, our technological advancements are almost indistinguishable from magic. Batteries powered by the sun, cars operating without gas, and noise cancellation – all …


Happy Customers Means More Technology

Technology is changing the way every industry does business. In retail, technology is helping create a frictionless shopping experience. Why? Consumers are demanding it. For example, this week Amazon opened its first full-sized grocery store based on the success of …


POS Portal Announces P2PE Certification

SACRAMENTO, CA (PRWEB) December 22, 2016 Dual Key Injection Facilities (KIF) Provide Immediate Hardware Compliance and Distribution Capabilities POS Portal, the nation’s leading distributor of secure payment devices, announced today that the PCI Security Standards Council has listed POS Portal …


Don’t Let Chargebacks Cut into Your Profits

Not EMV-compliant yet? Brace yourself for charge-backs. The EMV liability shift had come and gone, yet 67% of US merchants are still not accepting EMV. If you are one of those merchants, it’s time to upgrade your terminals. Smart criminals …


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