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Portal Access: A Salesforce Application


A Salesforce AppExchange Application for Payment Device Deployment

Clients who maintain their own Salesforce.com org can interact with POS Portal deployment services directly from within their own Salesforce environment. No need to “swivel chair” to another system to perform items such as submitting an order, viewing order status, tracking carrier delivery information, reviewing current payment devices installed at a merchant’s location (just to name a few).

POS Portal has created a Salesforce application (managed package) that brings all of the functionality of our proprietary Logistics platform directly into a client’s Salesforce org. Additionally, since it leverages the strength of Salesforce.com, native features like Chatter can be used to watch deployment activities on a client’s Chatter feed.  Immediate access to POS Portal’s deployment services is why we call it “Portal Access”.

This application, which is privately listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, derives all of its functionality from the publicly-available POS Portal Web API. So everything that the application does could also be accomplished by a client coding directly to the API from within their native ERP or CRM environment.

Clients who wish to install the Portal Access application in their Salesforce org will need to obtain the installation link and API credentials from their Account Manager.

Portal Access Salesforce Application Documentation


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