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PayPal Card Reader


We at POS Portal are pleased to offer the PayPal card reader and PayPal Here software app. Designed for businesses that value efficient service and complete customer satisfaction, now you can bring the point of sale wherever you go with PayPal Here and the PayPal card reader.

PayPal is a name you can rely on to deliver great service. Deliver the same service to your customers with the PayPal card reader and give your customers a sale they can rely on.

Experience Total Convenience and Ease-of-Use

What’s easier than accepting payment in-store? Accepting payment straight from your pocket, of course. The PayPal mobile card reader turns your tablet or smartphone into a mobile POS cash register, letting you easily conduct business on-the-go. This is especially valuable for brick-and-mortar stores looking to expand their business and reach new customers.

  • Track sales history
  • Itemize sales data
  • Back up customer data
  • Manage inventory
  • Accept all forms of payment (track cash, accept major credit/debit cards)

The PayPal credit card reader lets your business experience new heights of efficiency for both you and your customers. Just plug it into your tablet or smartphone and start selling. PayPal’s cloud-based platform stores information for easy access, letting you call up data as needed.


Sell with Confidence under the PayPal Guarantee

Safety when purchasing is a major concern these days. But with a name like PayPal, you won’t be left outside your comfort zone. Both you and your customers can rely on the authenticity of the PayPal name to back up your transaction when using the PayPal credit card reader. PayPal’s card reading service is encrypted, so your customers won’t have to worry about their safety being compromised.

The PayPal mobile card reader also offers more convenient options for you, the merchant. It allows you to get paid through your business’s PayPal account for a completely integrated payment. The PayPal mobile card reader app also features check recognition service, so you can accept checks with confidence.

For just a low 2.7% fee when swiped, PayPal ensures your transactions sustain a high level of quality. With the PayPal mobile card reader, you also get great customer service if you need assistance.

Buy the PayPal Card Reader Bundle and Start Selling Today

Do you like what you’ve heard so far, but you don’t know where to start? Let POS Portal help. We’ve designed the PayPal Card Reader Bundle just for you. We’ve gathered everything you need, so you aren’t left scratching your head, wondering what you’re missing.

The PayPal card reader bundle includes:

  • PayPal Here software app, provided free of charge.
  • PayPal credit card reader
  • iPad stand, a perfect fit for an iPad Air tablet.
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer

Since we buy directly from the manufacturers, the PayPal credit card reader bundle saves you time and money. Lease your equipment for even more savings and enjoy the safety of our SalesGuard Protection Plan, which has you covered for hardware replacements.


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