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No Internet? No Problem!


Stay Up and Running even when the Internet isn’t on your side

Things happen… events have patchy Wi-Fi connection, storms slow down the internet, or worse there’s a power outage and it goes down completely. Hiccups happen all the time, but that doesn’t mean it should stop you from running your business. With Offline Mode, you can continue to capture payments even when your Internet service is unavailable.

How Does it Work?

Offline mode simply saves all of your transactions locally and then automatically uploads the information once you’re reconnected to the internet.

Who can benefit from this?

• Retailers at Music Festivals
• Vendors at Farmers Markets
• Food Trucks
• Snack Shacks
• Pop-Up Boutiques
• Artist doing off-site shows
• Caterers with a no-host bar at a wedding
• Businesses with limited internet access or none at all

Who has Offline Mode features?

Check before you swipe. When you swipe payments in Offline Mode, you’re responsible for any expired or declined transactions or resulting charge-backs. Before you accept a card offline, be sure to check the name and expiration on the card to ensure it’s valid. You can also reduce your risk by setting a per-transaction limit for offline payments.

Who can benefit from this?

Restaurants & Food Trucks – keep the lunch crowd happy with TouchBistro
When you’re cruising around town, relying on an Internet connection to transact customers can be risky. Enter TouchBistro. The only POS that doesn’t depend on the Internet, which means your business won’t crash, even if the Internet does. Goodbye downtimes!

Retailers & Boutiques – don’t ever miss a sale or festival with Square
No signal, no problem. With Offline Mode from Square, your business always stays up—even when your signal goes down. Swiped payments taken offline are automatically queued and as long as you connect to the Internet within 72 hours, the payment will go through automatically.

And Many More

Want to know more about which tablet-based Point-of-sale software can keep your business going even if your internet goes down? Reach out to a tablet expert for a free constellation today!

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