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iPad Stands Can Deliver


iPads are everywhere—from the boardroom to the classroom—you need just turn your head and you’ll see one. Small business owners are rapidly adopting the robust power of these sleek computers by replacing their bulky point-of-sale terminals with streamlined iPad systems.

But, you can’t just slap an iPad on your counter! A key component to transforming an iPad into a point-of-sale system is the stand. The iPad stand not only serves as a mounting system to allow full tablet functionality; the stand is also an attractive way to display a tablet POS and keeps the iPad secure.

If you’re ready to make the transition to a tablet POS system, you need help choosing what’s right for you from the sea of options. You’re in luck! We put together a few things for you to consider in your search:

    Your stand needs to be compatible with the software or app you’ve selected. Different apps require different card readers and those card readers are only compatible with particular iPad stands. It may seem complicated but, we’re here to help. Remove the guesswork and contact a POS Portal expert, or select a bundle of compatible hardware.
    Let’s face it, iPads are small and easy to steal, but with the right stand, you won’t have to worry about theft. If you’re looking for security the Heckler WindFall stand is a great option. The WindFall stand can be secured to the counter with a Kensington lock. The stand is then mounted to the iPad via four tamper-resistant security screws, so thieves can’t reach into the stand and pull out your iPad.

    Kensington Lock
    Heckler Design Windfall Stand
    So, let’s think about tablet POS a little differently—if they iPad represents the brain of a POS system, the stand is the skull—the thing that keeps the brain safe. Stands protect iPads from spills and prevent shattered screens or other disasters that can ruin a good day. So, you should consider how much wear-and-tear an iPad might get at your shop when choosing a stand. An auto shop or restaurant might need something more durable than a hair salon or clothing boutique. If you’re looking for something super robust, Vault might be the right fit—these stands are constructed to be dropped, thrown or even smashed over a robber’s head, and your iPad will remain unscathed.
    Apple is known for their beautiful designs, and the iPad is no exception—covering it up with a bulky stand can be less than ideal. An eye-catching iPad stand can make your business look modern, while giving your customers something to interact with. If you’re looking for a stylish complement to your counter, a Square Stand is the perfect choice. With an integrated card reader and clean design, the Square Stand is a sophisticated way to accept payments.

    Vault Simplicity Stand with Bracket
    Square Stand
    Counter space is precious and impulse purchases help drive profits. If maximizing your retail space is vital to your bottom line, we recommend the POWA iPad stand. Everything’s integrated—you get your entire POS system in one enclosure, leaving more room for tempting last minute morsels.
    A tablet POS system is meant to make electronic payment fast and easy, so you’re stand should do just that! Do your customers need to sign digital receipts or enter their email information? If so an iPad stand with a swiveling base is perfect. The Pad Grip Series have full tilting and rotation, allowing you to swivel your iPad back and forth to face you or your customer during any part of the payment process.

    POWA all-in-one stand
    Pad Grip Stand

Do you need help choosing? Are you ready to purchase the perfect iPad stand to compliment your modern POS system? Contact a POS Portal representative so we can outfit your business at the best price anywhere.

Plus, we now offer Portal Advantage—the best payment and protection plan, hands down. Portal Advantage makes it easy and inexpensive to switch to tablet POS. The plan features low monthly payments, zero interest and built-in protection.


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