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Sales and service

What’s the right payment device? How do I make it work with my system?

Your customers are asking these questions and a dozen others as well. So, how do you ensure they get the right answers and ultimately end with solutions that work? That’s where POS Portal comes in. We’re pros that have been doing this for over 16 years and more importntly, have a dedicated sales and service team specifically built to interface directly with your customers to get them all the right answers and the best recommendations.


Portal Advantage

The hardware your customers need all for one LOW monthly price? Yes please.

When your customers use our Portal Advantage program, that’s exactly what they get. We’ve got an online application process that takes just minutes to complete and an automated decisioning engine that lets them know if they’ve been approved within seconds. There’s no hidden fees, and no gimmicks. And if that wasn’t enough, everything is covered with SalesGuard Protection, our free next business day replacement plan.

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What is a microsite? Think of it as your own webstore, but you don’t have to do anything to run it!

Even better, it allows your customers to get the hardware and supplies you have specifically certified, along with pre-sales consulting and post-sales support by hardware experts! What’s more, it features a state of the art online leasing application for our Portal Advantage program that combines a low-cost lease with free next business day replacement for anything that breaks.

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Key library and encryptions

Encryption keys of all kinds are necessary to secure transactions and data.

We have two facilities that are both fully TR39 compliant and pass multiple audits from different kinds of authorities throughout the year. We have the largest key injection library around with keys from all the processors – PIN debit, Data (MSR), etc. And we make it easy to order the right combination of keys for devices and POS environments. Plus, if you’re looking for a P2PE solution, we’ve got what you need.



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