POS Portal

Distribution adrenaline

Introducing Portal Connect, a revolutionary industry distribution program
that leverages the 15+ years of relationships we’ve built with various entities that operate in the payments and POS world—hardware OEMs, merchant acquirers, independent sales organizations, value added resellers, independent software vendors, and the merchants themselves. With Portal Connect we transform those relationships into a turbo-charged distribution solution that gets hardware straight to the end consumer, resulting in the fastest way in the POS industry to get hardware to merchants and into new markets.





Get selling now

Portal Connect gives you immediate access to new markets and sales opportunities

…or wait months and months

Ramping up distribution and sales relationships can take 6 to 12+ months at a time

Access our partner network

You’ll have access instantly to over 10,000 merchant acquirers, ISOs, VARs, ISVs, plus merchants themselves—all quality partners we’ve built relationships with for over 15 years

…or build your own network

You can begin to slowly build your own network which requires thousands of hours, phone calls, emails, networking opportunities, and overhead costs that go far beyond most company’s budgets

Stocking agreement

Hardware distribution is our core competency. Let us track run rates, manage lead times, and ensure customers can always buy your products. You in turn, can stay focused on manufacturing, innovating your product, and growing your company.

…or try to “learn-as-you-go”

You’re left to deal with the overwhelming tasks of tracking run rates and managing lead times, not to mention forecasting, scheduling, and logistics, etc.—all while trying to manufacture, improve, and maintain quality of your products

Provide quick replacements

Portal Connect’s Service Pool allows us to have your replacement inventory on hand so we can quickly get product out the door when merchants run into issues

…or you handle the service pool

Handling the daily fires of manufacturing alone can be all-consuming, let alone dedicating the time and resources necessary to manage a service pool


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