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Boost Sales with Gift Cards


Whether you own a clothing boutique, a restaurant, a spa, or an online jewelry store, a great way to acquire new customers while retaining your loyal ones is to sell gift cards. With over 73% of consumers planning on purchasing gift cards during the holiday season and the National Retail Federation stating that they’ll be the most requested gift of 2016, offering them is a no brainier. And gift cards aren’t just for big, national chains anymore. In fact, a new study reports that half of U.S. consumers are very open to buying gift cards from small, independent retailers.


If knowing that gift cards will be loaded with more than $127 billion in value this year isn’t enough motivation for you to set up a gift card program, then check out the biggest benefits gift cards offer to retailers:

  1. You will attract new customers
    4% of gift card recipients report that they never or rarely visited the store for which they received a gift card.
  2. You can drive more sales
    72% of people will spend more than the value of their gift card, with 65% of customers spending nearly $40 more. Additionally, 31% of shoppers buy an item they didn’t plan to purchase or buy a more expensive item when they receive a gift card.
  3. You won’t miss out on sales
    During the craziness of the holidays many shoppers turn to physical and electronic gift cards. With 8 out of 10 of consumers looking for a gift card option, not having a gift card program will force consumers to choose another brand, resulting in a loss of sales.
  4. You can boost post-holiday sales
    90% of gift cards are redeemed within 60 days after they’re received. Thus, selling them at your store during the holidays could give your business a nice boost during the first two months of the New Year.
  5. You will Increase brand loyalty.
    Gift cards not only bring new customers into your store but, when you encourage card reloads through marketing and incentives, you can keep customers coming back for frequent visits.
  6. You can grow your customer database
    When a customer purchases an e-gift card, you can capture their information as well as the recipients’. This means you can continue marketing to the customer and recipient with new offers.

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