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The Basic Shop used POS Portal to Modernize Main Street


“The process was really simple and very affordable. Within just a few days I was up and running with my new hardware and the lease option was perfect for my small business. Actually you guys are so good with customer service. From building my bundle online, speaking with my sales rep, to technical support, to leasing, you guys never skipped a beat.”

Katie Thompson, Owner, The Basic Shop, Loomis, CA

About The Basic Shop
When a storefront in the Downtown area of Loomis California became available, Katie Thompson knew it was an opportunity to bring something unique to the historically vintage main street. With the support of the city, The Basic Shop, a contemporary women’s boutique and gift store would be the first retailer to sell non-vintage items. The Basic Shop is now helping drive tourists to the region for more than just wine and antiques, and the state-of-the-art hardware she purchased from POS Portal is bringing a modern edge to her small town shop.


Get ahead of the curve with technology.
Retail is fiercely competitive and you’ve no doubt noticed that technology is becoming a bigger part of customers’ retail experience. Traditional cash registers simply won’t cut it anymore. In addition to looking extremely outdated, they are not equipped to handle new payment technologies (i.e. ApplePay, Venmo, Google Wallet, etc.). Thankfully an iPad POS system can help catapult your business into the new age of retail.

“Picking out Software was a very lengthy process for me. After a lot of research online, I decided on ShopKeep Point of Sale. What tipped the scales for me was that ShopKeep was equipped with EMV technology. A lot of other retailers were concerned about not being compliant, but with ShopKeep I didn’t have to worry.”

Leasing keeps your equipment up-to-date. And it’s cheap!
Staying ahead of the curve of technology isn’t easy for any Small Business. The cost of purchasing hardware is expensive and the fear of owning obsolete technology is real. Thankfully with Portal Advantage it is easy and inexpensive to have the latest and greatest equipment. With the plan you will have predictable monthly expenses, pay nothing up front, and your equipment will stay up-to-date.

“After talking to other merchants I knew I wanted to use an iPad (POS). After some research I found www.postablet.com and the Portal Advantage leasing program. The hardware lease price coupled with the SalesGuard Protection was exactly what I wanted. Plus I loved that I could compare all my options in one location.”

The Advanatge
Katie chose POS Portal so she could start her business ahead of the technology curve, without breaking the bank. She’s got the advantage, now it’s time for you to do the same. Portal Advantage is available to merchants nationwide. For more information click here or call (888) 299-7574.


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