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“When I started Cuffs I did everything on paper, as I’ve grown I felt like I needed to track my inventory more. So finding a solution with Inventory management was a key trigger to converting. Plus the really sleek check out looks way cooler than our old register.”

Lacadia Olsen, Owner, Cuffs Boutique

About Cuffs Boutique
Sacramento’s Midtown District is an eclectic mix of trendy restaurants, art galleries, coffee houses and unique boutiques. But it wasn’t always this way. Just a decade ago Midtown was pretty bleak. In 2009, Lacadia Olsen, opened Cuffs Boutique, on a block with only one other lone restaurant and retail store. Now a mainstay on J Street, Cuffs stocks a handpicked selection of both new and vintage offerings for men and women. We chatted with owner, Lacadia Olsen, about switching to an iPad POS to help manage her growing business.


Run your business anywhere in real time.
A huge part of retail is ensuring you have the right product available at the right time. With Square Dashboard, you can look up accurate and precise inventory levels anytime. And with cloud-based reporting that continuously syncs, no longer do you have to wait for end-of-day reports.

“The instant reporting is great. I am only here once a week, so I like that I can know what’s going on at the store from my phone or from home. With our old cash register I didn’t know how the day went until the store closed and my employee ran a report. Plus a lot of customers order stuff online or reach out via Instagram, so having up to the minute inventory is really valuable.”


Bookkeeping made easy
An iPad POS is not only sleek but it’s also incredibly smart. With data flowing automatically from your point-of-sale to your back-office accounting software, you can save time spent manually inputting sales.

“Square really simplified our accounting and bookkeeping. The daily cash reports and sales summaries have everything we need. And the fact that we can just email all of the info to our bookkeeper without any paper is so nice!”

A point-of-sale that goes anywhere
Want to free up some counter space? With Square, your iPad is your entire POS system. Plus by having a POS in the form of a mobile, lightweight tablet, you can take your cash register anywhere.

“The square stand provides a really sleek checkout and it looks way cooler than our old cash register. Additionally the mobile integration has worked out really well for off-site events. The mobile scanner was super handy at a festival we just went to.”



The bottom line
Lacadia’s expertise is curating unique new and vintage clothing, so naturally she was worried about adapting to a new a point of sale system. But Square and the cloud made it easy to upgrade and manage her growing boutique. Now she can spend less time in front of the computer screen and more time doing what she does best.



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