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How to validate which iPad model you have

You have an iPad right now, but not sure which model you have specifically? It’s easy to tell! You will want to look on the back case of your iPad and locate the Model Code. You can reference that code …


Bluetooth Printer VS. LAN Printer VS. WIFI Printer

In many cases the type of printer supported is determined by the application of your choice. Each Application Developer has decided to strategically support certain printer types. However many of them allow you to pick between these three major connectivity …


Lan Printer setup guide

HOW TO CONNECT LAN PRINTER TO ROUTER Materials Needed: Ethernet Cable, LAN Printer, Router Download PDF Instructions: 1. Ensure your Printer is fully powered down. 2. Connect Ethernet port to the 100/10BASE port on the printer. 3. Connect other end …


Square Point of Sale App

Want one of the most powerful tablet POS apps for your business? An app that can also make work easier and more efficient? Get the Square Point of Sale App for your iPad POS system. The Square Point of Sale …


iPad POS

Is your business efficient? IPad POS (point of sale) systems get both merchants and customers familiar with the streamlined side of business. With the combination of an iPad bundled hardware and the right selection of intuitive software, your business can …


iPad POS System

In today’s fast-moving world, people use technology to help make their lives easier; this is especially true when it comes to buying goods or services. Whether they’re buying new art deco pieces or just a cup of coffee, users want …


PayPal Card Reader

We at POS Portal are pleased to offer the PayPal card reader and PayPal Here software app. Designed for businesses that value efficient service and complete customer satisfaction, now you can bring the point of sale wherever you go with …


POS Cash Register

A cash management system is at the core of your daily business dealings. For years, a cash register has served as the standard transaction device. But if you’re looking for a more modern option to help your business become more …


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